We provide welding as a complementary service to the laser cutting and bending of sheet metal products.


  • Welding method MIG/MAG

  • TIG welding – face/visual welding of stainless steel

  • Point welding

  • Robotic welding

  • In order to meet accuracy we use jigs designed in 3D CAD/CAM Solid Works.



Our workplace is equipped with a trolley crane with a 500 kg maximal lifting capacity.

Welding equipment

Welding equipment

Processes: MAG, TIG, spot welding, resistant welding

No. of welding boxes: 7 general + 2 stainless steel welding only

Grinding: Brush & discs (rotary), sand paper (flat grinder)

Yaskawa Motoman MA 1440

Yaskawa Motoman MA 1440


6 axes welding robot powered by Yaskawa Motoman MA 1440

Welding power source Fronius TPS 400i

Welding wire ESAB marathonpack  ø1mm.

Crane up to 500 kg

Suitable work:

MAG welded carbon steel products in middle and high series 

Weldments  t>3mm assembled by locks

Max dimensions 800x800x500mm.

Up to 250 kg of weight

1 / 4

2 / 4

3 / 4

4 / 4