Quality Policy

  1. Ensure customer satisfaction by continuously caring for and improving the quality of services in accordance with the requirements of ČSN ISO 9001:2016, the Safety and Health policy and REACH regulations.
  2. Improve and modernize our technological processes and equipment in order to increase efficiency and reliability, work safety and to reduce the amount of waste generated in the company.
  3. Build lasting and mutually beneficial relations with our customers as well as other business partners, prioritize quality over quantity and thus promote the production of high-quality and safe products. 
  4. Identify and analyze the requirements and expectations of our customers also in relation to their own processes and search for means to efficiently fulfill their individual requirements.
  5. Compliance with the valid legislation with an emphasis on prevention, environmental friendliness and work health and safety.
  6. Create and maintain good relations with our suppliers and work with them to continually improve the quality of our supplies. Promote the improvement of the quality management and work health and safety systems also of our business partners and suppliers.
  7. Ensure that employees are protected as well as possible against risks in production processes, monitor workplace accidents and consistently analyze them in order to introduce precautions to prevent injuries.
  8. Systematically assist employees in improving their skills and motivation as a prerequisite to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. We realize that satisfied, qualified and well-motivated employees are the foundation of our success.

In order to support this quality policy, the company management undertakes to

  1. Regularly specify this management policy as evaluable quality goals.
  2. Dedicate the necessary resources needed to implement these goals and for effective training and furthering the qualifications of the necessary staff, improving equipment and working conditions in general.
  3. Constantly emphasize the importance of continuous orientation on the customers´ needs, following implemented continuous improvement processes and meeting the relevant legislative requirements.
  4. Regularly review the management system in terms of its appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency.

The company management expects the following from employees

  1. Respect and share the core values set by the business owners.
  2. Consistent application of the procedures and principles defined in the quality management system process documentation.
  3. Personal responsibility for the quality and safety of their own work, preventing errors through rigorous discipline when working in the company and by checking results before passing them on to work colleagues or customers.
  4. Active participation in the continual improvement of all work-related and associated processes and the quality and safety of the working environment.



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