We take packaging management responsibly

Due to the current situation on the market of wooden pallets, we are forced to adjust our prices and the method of assessing pallets. Pallets really change their value over time and as a result of repeated use. There is no clear rule for assessing the condition of used pallets, so we have set the following categories of pallet prices for the purpose of objective invoicing:

  1. Bright new palettes (healthy almost new or new palette)
  2. Good pallets (light or grey pallets obviously already in use, undamaged, may be slightly soiled, but without reduced load capacity)
  3. Pallets with partial damage (still functional pallets with reduced load capacity, not affected by rot, battens may be chipped, no element must be missing)
1 Half-Pallet  80 x  60 cm  11 EUR
2 Pallet EUR bright new palettes 120 x  80 cm  27 EUR
3 Pallet EUR good pallet 120 x  80 cm  19 EUR 
4 Pallet EUR with partial damage 120 x  80 cm    6 EUR
5 Pallet D1  200 x 100 cm  25 EUR
6 Pallet ATYP 130 x 130 cm  25 EUR
7 Pallet D2 250 x 125 cm  33 EUR
8 Pallet D3 300 x 150 cm  41 EUR
9 Pallet collar – only for EUR pallet  -  23 EUR

 Prices valid from 16. 5. 2022



We offer a broad range of packaging options for the finished parts depending upon their type, size and functionality.

Basic options of protection

  • interlaying the layers with different materials
  • fixed placing on the pallet or in transport boxes to protect against damage during transport
  • special options for packing minor pieces



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