We take packaging management responsibly; that is why as of 1st May 2018, we include in the orders the cost of pallets as specified in the pricelist below.


We buy out the returned, undamaged pallets for the same price you paid for them. We believe that you will appreciate this step towards greater sustainability and environmental resource management.

We closely monitor the state of the pallets and only place our shipments on light-coloured EUR pallets. In case the dimensions of the shipment exceed the dimensions of the EUR pallet, we use larger pallets listed in the pricelist:


1 Half-Pallet  80 x  60 cm 5 EUR
2 Pallet  EUR light 120 x  80 cm 7,20 EUR
3 Pallet D1 200 x 100 cm 12 EUR
4 Pallet ATYP 130 x 130 cm 12 EUR
5 Pallet D2 250 x 125 cm 16 EUR
6 Pallet D3 300 x 150 cm 16 EUR
7 Pallet collar – only for EUR pallet  - 12 EUR




We offer a broad range of packaging options for the finished parts depending upon their type, size and functionality.

Basic options of protection

  • interlaying the layers with different materials
  • fixed placing on the pallet or in transport boxes to protect against damage during transport
  • special options for packing minor pieces



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