Our Company

Technologické centrum a.s. provides complex services in plate components manufacturing and welded assemblies. Company has been operating on the market since 1995.

Company’s primary goal is development of stable and mutually beneficial relations with customers by providing high-quality solutions to customers needs while maintaining favourable prices and on time deliveries.
Company provides advanced services and solutions also thanks to the network of strategic partners in metal milling and CNC machining. Our relations to customers, partners and employees are always based on fair play and constant communication with customers.

We always put emphasis on

  • Grasp of customers’ real needs and specificity of their internal production processes.
  • Providing a high quality supplies with goal to built up a long term stable partnership with our customers.
  • Team collaboration and personal development of our employees.

Company’s core values

Customer oriented approach

Our company’s future is dependent on our ability to listen and to provide a valuable support to our customers. By providing this we contribute to our customers’ success and satisfaction. We are proactive, highly proficient and always open to new business opportunities. We offer high-level professional skills and provide suitable solutions tailored to each project’s needs. We keep our promises.


Fairness, honesty, solidarity, respect, loyalty and dignity are core values of our company. We ensure a healthy and safe work environment for everyone. We share our company’s core values and endorse its goals.


We are deeply confident that there is always available a more efficient solution to the problem and we are ready to embrace it.

Our Corporate Culture

We promote and support proactivity, creativity, responsibility and professional achievements of our employees. We are always eager to actively participate in tasks and be a part of a successful team. We promote a personal growth and professional aspirations of our employees.


Technologické centrum a.s. is a high quality manufacturer in plate components and welded assembled units.

Company gained this achievement thanks to

  • Personal approach to customers
  • A constant technological innovation in manufacturing
  • Providing a complex service comprising also a surface finish of our products
  • Preferring quality over the quantity in production
  • Beneficing a long-term relations with our customers over the short term ones.
  • Frugal adaption to individual needs of our clients
  • Environmental responsibility