Not only we offer bending, but we can also design solutions for complicated multiple bends which often result in savings in production and better price for our customers.


  • Maximal length of the bend 3 m

  • Maximum thickness 15mm at 2 m length


  • The wide range of tools allows us to vary the geometry of the bends. 

  • Production of special tools according to customer requirements for atypical radii 


  • 6-axis stop and offline programming according to the model.  

  • We have extensive experience bending complicated forms with high precision individual bends.

  • We are able to reduce production costs by correctly selecting the procedure in the bending process.

  • Through the application of structural binders we are able to stick to the required reliability performance and shape of the product without the necessity of further operations (e.g. welding).


We are happy to promptly respond to your enquiries and provide accurate quotation based on your drawing and specification of thickness and material grade. The price is determined by the bend complexity, tolerances required and series ordered.

Ursviken OptiFlex 320t

Ursviken OptiFlex 320t

Max. power: 320 t
Max. bending length: 3100 mm
Max. thickness: 12 mm @ L=3100 mm
Max. dist. between tools: 585 mm
Full run: 400 mm
Other features: 6 axis stops

Bystronic Xpert 150

Bystronic Xpert 150

Max. power: 150 t
Max. bending length: 3050 mm
Max. thickness: 10 mm @ L=1200 mm 
Other features: ByBend, ByView (3D bending assistant)

Trumpf Trubend 5170

Trumpf Trubend 5170

Max. power: 170 t
Max. bending length: 3050 mm
Max. thickness: 12 mm @ L=600 mm
Max. dist. between tools: 735 mm
Length of movement: 445 mm
Other features: 5 axis stops, ACB sensors for precise bending to up to 0.3° tolerance

Trumpf Trubend 5050

Trumpf Trubend 5050

Max. power: 50 t
Max. bending length: 1250 mm
Max. thickness: 6 mm @ L=1000 mm
Maximal Opening: 500 mm
Length of movement: 215 mm
Other features: 4 axis stops

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